72: Psychic Dogs And Cats With Frogs

Psychic Dogs

Halloween is over but I’m being held hostage by my leftover candy! This is not good. Someone come rescue me! So, I’m pretty sure my dog knows my every move before I make them. Scary. Hey, I got in trouble this week by Facebook for posting a picture of a Facebook ad. How does that even make sense?? And yet… Well, I discuss a controversial topic on this episode. It’s about bodies and boobs and nakedness and stuff. Don’t get mad. We’re adults. Let’s talk about it, okay? I’ll see you again in a few days, friends.

71: The Story of Red Dog Road

On this episode I discuss how and why I wrote my latest horror story, “The Specter of Red Dog Road.” Then I attach a reading of the story for your Halloween haunted season entertainment. Hope you enjoy it. See you Thursday!

70: Adulting Gone Wrong

70 Adulting Gone Wrong

Hi my friends, welcome to a middle-of-the-week show. Last week was a busy one. I did a lot of the things I discussed on the show. Said goodbye to a kitty, told some ghost stories, saw naked breasts on the streets of Atlanta. All the normal stuff. This week I’m into the fairy tales of holidays, social media bully posting and the ongoing failure of adults to be good adults. You know, all the normal stuff. Hope your life story is going well. Reach out and let me know. See y’all next week!

69: Stigmata

Hello friends! A short show this week. I’m healing from an episode of stigmata thanks to a power drill and bad judgement. My old man cat is on his last paw and I’m preparing to say goodbye. Sad to let our little friends go, huh? I’m also preparing to tel haunted stories at Stone Mountain Park’s “A Tour of Southern Ghosts” storytelling event. If you’re in the are stop by and get haunted. We’ll talk again soon.

65: The Gospel of Blasphemy

65: The Gospel of Blasphemy

Nice to be back, my friends. It was a little forced vacation as I dealt with the earth trying to shake me off of it. I’m not so sure it has ever really been comfortable with me. Hey, I recently read about the Aghori sect of Hinduism and it made me think about a philosophy I developed back in my 20s which I call “The Gospel of Blasphemy.” The Aghoris are very unorthodox and unusual. Quite blasphemous if you can’t handle the taboo. A bit creepy. A good group to reseach as we approach the season of haunts. I’ve also been obsessing over a pop-electronica band called Venus Hum. Maybe you know about them. They’ve been around for 25 years or so. I’m just now discovering them. Story of my life. See you later this week.