89: Watching the Detectives

Dick Tracy

This week I find out the secrets behind “We Are The World” and have a grocery store experience with an angel in a cowboy hat. That’s all. See ya next week.

88: ¡Me Gusta!

Me Gusta

Today is a show about dinners with long lost friends, very late Christmas gifts to far away friends, chugging whisky and how I almost got thrown out of Mexico. Enjoy!

87: King Of Pain

King Of Pain

This week I’m reflecting on the last month and a half of non-stop pain. I let you in on what that feels like and some methods I’ve been using to deal with it. Other than that, I mostly talk about drinking beer and I ridicule some people’s inferior god. Another typical show. Enjoy.

86: A Chat With Mike Poole

86 Mike Poole

This week I talk to long-time kilt dude, law enforcement ninja and mystical monk, Mike Poole. We discuss kilting up. being a cop and taking over as the substitute pastor. I question him as to whether spirituality is relevant today and, if so, how. His podcast is called “Taking A Sip” and you can find it here. Hope you enjoy. See you Monday!

85: Sexy Vegetables

My wife and I have made a commitment to two things this year: Swedish Death Cleaning and eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every meal. It seems a bit excessive but I’m giving it a try. Did you know old guys used to slather avocado on their genitals? And the Christian church spread a rumor that tomatoes were poisonous? Who knew vegetables had such colorful pasts? Hey, speaking of pasts, what was you favorite diner, drive-in or dive when you were growing up? I remember mine. Let me know yours so I can tell everyone. Thanks for hanging out this week, friends. See you soon!

84: Not Dead

Black Death

Back from holiday vacation! How is everyone? 2024 is okay so far. A few pains here and there but what do you expect with an old guy? So far this year I’m encountering pig dogs, “Diff’rent Strokes” conspiracies, fish and chips at Irish pubs and getting stabbed on New Year. Also, I have proof that we don’t really die. Anything else? ‘K, good. Here’s to a good podcast year!

83: Old Acquaintances All Forgotten

It’s the last show of the year and I put a lid on Christmas, prepare for the coming apocalypse and wonder if I have any more packages coming my way. Thanks to everyone who spent a little time listening to the podcast. Let’s hope next year the show will get good enough where you can not be embarrassed to tell other people you listen. Just don’t tell your mom. She’ll hate it.

82: Wise Otters Bearing Gifts

It’s less that a week before Christmas. Are you surviving? I’m doing pretty good. I’m trying to figure out how to get a ton of gifts into a tiny stocking. Any ideas? I’m having a few difficulties with shipping companies and gifts, too. I’m not sure it’s supposed to be this bad. Speaking of bad, have you ever had vegetarian tuna? Don’t. Just don’t. Did you know the story of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer was actually a sad one? Not for Rudolph but for the writer? Let me tell you about it… See you soon, my friends.

81: Hay, It’s Christmas!

This week I revisit an old discussion on the best Christmas tartans. Always good for discussion at holiday time. Additionally, I discuss girl apartment smells, nostalgic Christmases and making a difference in small ways. Things that seem worthy of attention at this festive season. Thanks for checking out the show. Reach out and say “hi” some time.

80: Nog For Your Noggin’

Cousin Eddie

Hi friends! Speaking of friends, how are yours? Friends, I mean. Do you have any who are difficult to deal with? Is it time to consider cutting them loose? Sometimes it’s worth evaluating. I’m enjoying a bit of eggnog so I decided to do an eggnog show. History of the nog, making the nog and spiking the nog. Now go have a cup of that sweet, fatty elixir. Weird, that was my old college nickname. See you Thursday.