54: God Is Grape

Thanks to listener Gary, we have a new scoop on the lack of grape ice cream (See what I did there?). Unfortunately, I don’t buy it so I still want some real answers. Also, I go on a little spontaneous rant about a video I saw about Christian philosophy. Is this something really needed? I guess some people need it. I just wish they would put all of their energies into getting us some grape ice cream.

53: Murdered At The Piggly Wiggly


It’s a great cool breezy day in the ATL. Rare but I’ll take it. As I get older, I’m concerned more and more about ageism. More specifically, what can everyone be doing out there to make my old man life much easier? It’s something we all should be focusing more on. I have a great idea for a new podcast which I have decided to completely turn over to you. Seriously. Go do it. Make millions. Just give me a shout out, okay? I’ll talk with you again later this week.

Unheard Of

Apparently the sound file for this week’s first show did not get uploaded, so there was nothing to listen to. I’d like to thank the lovely and talented David Facemyre for contacting me and pointing out that the show is a sham. It’s nothing. A mere phantom in this world of illusion. But it’s out now so forget all that metaphysical stuff. I’m pretty sure it was my own fault but I only say that because, as of yet, I can’t find anyone else to blame. Give it a listen and let me know if I should have just left it blank.

52: How To Speak In Forked Tongues

I had some great Korean food last night. Hope you did too. By the way, what makes food “Asian” if it’s cooked in America? By a Latinx? All I know, it was really good stuff. So, Pat Robertson’s dead. If you don’t know who that is, he was a TV preacher who was apparently so scared of gay people, he thought they caused hurricanes and earthquakes and other world calamities. Not sure if they were responsible for his death but if so, it would be a great thing to add to your gay wizard portfolio. We’ll talk next week. Don’t forget to stay in touch.

51: Coughing and Coffee

cigarette coffee

Greetings Apocaleptic fans! How are you so far this week? I’ve got so much happening in June: closing down my gallery, starting new ventures, being called for jury duty and a non-stop coughing dog. It’s all the things I asked for last Christmas. I didn’t do a second show last week because… well, let me explain. I’ve been thinking about stuff. It’s all a bit spooky and metaphysical and I didn’t want to freak you out. So, I’ll just freak you out this week. Thanks for listening. Stop by and say “hi” sometime.