32: What A Drag

It’s difficult doing a podcast when you aren’t in the mood to talk. That’s the curse of being an introvert I suppose. Bear with me, my friends. I screwed up on this episode, thinking it was episode 33. So you can use this as a little preview to episode 33 if you want. I’m a little hacked off about mean politicians trying to ban or control drag shows. Has everyone else had their fill of mean and cruel people? Let’s send them back under the rock they slither out of, ‘kay?

31: Be Quiet


I’ve been hearing strange tones in my bed. Could it be a space creature? It’s been making me wonder what it sounds like in outer space. Is it completely silent? Is there space wind? The sounds of astroids colliding? Weird bed tones? How much is the silence inside us similar to space silence? I wonder. Maybe too much. Hope you like this Friday show.

30: Fooling Around

Can pineapple heal your eyes? a study in Taiwan shows a 70% improvement in some cases! Speaking of pineapple, a 2020 study shows many couples are beginning to change their relationship status from”monogamous” to “non-monogamous.” Are you ready to make the switch? I checked with AI to find out how to keep a relationship working. This AI kid really seems to know something. See you next time friends!

29: Your Greatest Fears

29 Your Greatest Fears

Do we inherit the loves and fears we have? You know, the deep down unexplainable attractions and repulsions in life that we all have. Where do they come from? Are they really ours or are they ancestral? Do you ever feel bad about treating yourself like royalty? Well, you shouldn’t. In fact, you should be doing that much more often! You’re looking good out there my friend. Come on back Monday.

Rick on “Take A Sip” with Michael Poole

Thanks to Michael Poole (Koozy Mike) for having me as a guest on his podcast Taking a Sip. We reminisce a bit about A Year In A Kilt, Life In A Kilt, The Life In A Kilt Podcast and discuss the arts, spirituality, podcasting, ASMR and drum corps. Lots of fun. Check it out!