77: Digesting

The day after Thanksgiving and I’m still dealing with my gluttonous holiday activities, how about you? Not as bad as previous years but, crap, I still got work to do. This year for the holidays we get a feud between Hall and Oates, which of course we were all looking forward to. So, how about we just get into a discussion of weird religions? Why not? It’s something that can bring us all together this festive season. Hey, gang, hit me up if you need stickers. Hit me up if you need a chat. Just hit me up. See you next week.

76: Death Angels We Have Heard on High

‘Twas the Tuesday before Thanksgiving… Got your dinners all planned out? I asked you what your favorite non-traditional Thanksgiving meal is and I got several interesting responses. Me? I’ll stick with the traditional tofu molded into a turkey. I was reading a bit about sea angels last week and thought I’d share a little about these freaky mollusks. Maybe you’ll want to put one on top your tree this year! Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate! I’ll talk with you on Friday.

75: I’m Not the Turkey, You’re the Turkey!

Welcome, friends, to the new, old, Outta Toon Podcast! Hope you enjoy your stay! Today, I’m planning a holiday dinner menu, planning a substantial haircut and planning on never watching Hallmark Christmas movies again. Yeah. Good luck with that. Let’s discuss air travel and the destruction of expensive guitars and how to de-escalate conflicts at your family Thanksgiving gathering. I’m not an expert at any of those things but I’m an old white guy and I’m allowed to pontificate about things I know absolutely nothing about, right? Do me a favor and share the podcast this week. It really helps. See you next week!

4: The Dakota War

4-Apocaleptic-The Dakota War

In America, we’re heading into Thanksgiving week, a holiday full of cranberry sauce and Native American genocide. Hey, it’s our history, why ignore it? While searching for some warm, cozy Thanksgiving stories, I stumbled across the story of The Dakota War of 1862. I found it very interesting and maybe you will too. Have a slice of history with your pumpkin pie. Wait, this is America, better make that apple pie.