73: Anniversary

Hi friends! Welcome to the 1 Year Anniversary of Apocaleptic! Woah! Holy Crap! How did this happen! I want to think everyone for hanging out with me for a year. As a reward, I’m going to make the show EVEN BETTER! You’ll notice some new additions and tweaking of the old very soon. And by “old” I mean me. I’ll be tweaking myself. It’s how I celebrate. Seriously, thanks for taking time out to listen to this thing. You’re amazing. I’ll see you again very soon!

56: The Pursuit of Happy


Hi friends! How’s your summer so far? How long will you wait for a table at a restaurant? That’s kind of a personal research question. I think I waited too long this weekend. Thinking about all of the things we do to make ourselves happy but what are your essentials? What are the things you can always rely on to make you the happiest? I have recently felt some resistance when asked by friends who wanted to be called by different names or recognized as a different gender. What’s that about? I do some examining of my own acceptance. Stop and say “hi” this week. I’ll talk with you soon.

26: Eyes Without A Face

Another short show, friends. And not because I wanted it that way. I had an eye appointment today and my eyes are dilated and I can’t see crap! So I can’t read notes or news stores, might as well just complain, right?? Sorry. Thursday’s show is gonna be great. I’ll finally be able to see.

23: Forgive Me

I’m concerned about my neighbor. Haven’t seen her in awhile. Has she met with foul play? How would I know? Should I call the cops? Maybe it’s nothing and I’ll look like a meddler. I don’t know what the rules are. I heard someone talk about forgiveness and it caused me to think about it a bit. I’m wondering if we all understand forgiveness at all. Forgive me if you do. See you Monday.

17: Getting Lucky

Apocaleptic 17 Getting Lucky

Happy 2023 everyone! I decided to release Monday’s show a couple days early. After all, there is valuable information here that can keep you lucky all year! Stay safe and well out there!