81: Hay, It’s Christmas!

This week I revisit an old discussion on the best Christmas tartans. Always good for discussion at holiday time. Additionally, I discuss girl apartment smells, nostalgic Christmases and making a difference in small ways. Things that seem worthy of attention at this festive season. Thanks for checking out the show. Reach out and say “hi” some time.

51: Coughing and Coffee

cigarette coffee

Greetings Apocaleptic fans! How are you so far this week? I’ve got so much happening in June: closing down my gallery, starting new ventures, being called for jury duty and a non-stop coughing dog. It’s all the things I asked for last Christmas. I didn’t do a second show last week because… well, let me explain. I’ve been thinking about stuff. It’s all a bit spooky and metaphysical and I didn’t want to freak you out. So, I’ll just freak you out this week. Thanks for listening. Stop by and say “hi” sometime.