62: Something Stinks

Welcome to a rare video show, my friends. You don’t have to watch the video version but it’s there if you want it. I’m updating my term for the short generation between Boomers and Gen X, of which I am a part. Pay attention and start using the new label. I’ve been sleeping in the rain the past few days. Sort of. It’s relaxing so join me, won’t you? Have you ever lived in a stinky city? I think I’ve lived in more stink than most. Let me know if you can top my impressive stink resume. Why is it people want to crap on the things that give us pleasure? It happens way too often, don’t you think? Let’s do better. See you later this week.

59: Small Town, Small Minds

So much in the news this week! Controversy about small towns and country songs, insane Presidential news, and social media craziness. How can we be blamed for wanting to watch it all? Just remember, distractions are simply other people stealing your life. Do you really want to give them that much control? Personally, I’d rather not. Stay alert. Don’t give your life to idiots. Unless you want to, of course. I don’t want to tell you what to do. Thanks for tuning in my friends. Let’s hang out again later this week.

41: When Life Gives You Lemon Water

41 Lemon Water

Greetings everyone! Still here. Still surviving. How about you? This week I notice some of my tastes have changed. I must get to the bottom of it. It’s National Poetry Month so I read one of my own poems called “Knoxville, Summer 1985.” Feel free to submit one of yours and I’ll be happy to read it on the podcast. I’ve been recently trying to figure out what parts of “me” are real and what parts are illusion. The truth is, it’s mostly illusion. probably the same with you too. See you next time, friends!