75: I’m Not the Turkey, You’re the Turkey!

Welcome, friends, to the new, old, Outta Toon Podcast! Hope you enjoy your stay! Today, I’m planning a holiday dinner menu, planning a substantial haircut and planning on never watching Hallmark Christmas movies again. Yeah. Good luck with that. Let’s discuss air travel and the destruction of expensive guitars and how to de-escalate conflicts at your family Thanksgiving gathering. I’m not an expert at any of those things but I’m an old white guy and I’m allowed to pontificate about things I know absolutely nothing about, right? Do me a favor and share the podcast this week. It really helps. See you next week!

61: Beer

Yesterday, storms moved through the south and made it very difficult to record a podcast. So here we are today. Been awhile since I shared a beer with you so I hope you don’t mind if I crack one open today. I got to watch the Jason Isbell documentary¬†Running With Our Eyes Closed¬†last night. I really enjoyed it and it made me think about how challenging relationships can be. I’ve had some pretty stormy ones for sure. Like those storms of yesterday, moving in and throwing stuff around. Not fun. Okay, I’ll see you later this week. Let’s try to do a video.