68: I Want To Live Forever

I know. This episode is weird. Quirky. Kinda freaky. Hey, it’s the vaccines, okay? Maybe the anti-vac people are on to something after all. Anyway, on this show I discuss vaccines, good music, Cameo and trying to control fame. At least I think that’s what I discussed. I can’t remember. I’ll try again tomorrow. See you soon, friends.

62: Something Stinks

Welcome to a rare video show, my friends. You don’t have to watch the video version but it’s there if you want it. I’m updating my term for the short generation between Boomers and Gen X, of which I am a part. Pay attention and start using the new label. I’ve been sleeping in the rain the past few days. Sort of. It’s relaxing so join me, won’t you? Have you ever lived in a stinky city? I think I’ve lived in more stink than most. Let me know if you can top my impressive stink resume. Why is it people want to crap on the things that give us pleasure? It happens way too often, don’t you think? Let’s do better. See you later this week.

44: Naked With Rainn Wilson

Apocaleptic 44 Naked With Rainn Wilson

This week we say goodbye to Gordon Lightfoot and I have an eBay Auction buyer bail on me. Coincidence? No. They aren’t similar or connected at all. Old people are taking over the internet and social media with their complaints about how nothing is like it used to be. Yeah? Well neither are you, grandpa. Pull your beanie up from your eyes, refill your latte and go do something else. It isn’t about you any more. Sorry. Got a little preachy there. I’m gonna go get naked in the jungle with Rainn Wilson.