80: Nog For Your Noggin’

Cousin Eddie

Hi friends! Speaking of friends, how are yours? Friends, I mean. Do you have any who are difficult to deal with? Is it time to consider cutting them loose? Sometimes it’s worth evaluating. I’m enjoying a bit of eggnog so I decided to do an eggnog show. History of the nog, making the nog and spiking the nog. Now go have a cup of that sweet, fatty elixir. Weird, that was my old college nickname. See you Thursday.

32: What A Drag

It’s difficult doing a podcast when you aren’t in the mood to talk. That’s the curse of being an introvert I suppose. Bear with me, my friends. I screwed up on this episode, thinking it was episode 33. So you can use this as a little preview to episode 33 if you want. I’m a little hacked off about mean politicians trying to ban or control drag shows. Has everyone else had their fill of mean and cruel people? Let’s send them back under the rock they slither out of, ‘kay?

16: My Date With 2022

Apocaleptic 16 My Date

Goodbye 2022, ya bastard. For me, the year was full of loss but, strangely, I came out totally fine. I’m doing good how about you? I said goodbye to some friends, family members and company activities. I ate some good food and watched some great documentaries. I grew spiritually. I made some jokes about poop. Never let them typecast you!  I found a couple new favorites this year like the music of Adeem The Artist and the spiritual works of Clare Dimond. Flogging Molly‘s new album restored my faith in legacy bands. Thanks to everyone who came on the Apocaleptic journey with me this year. Here’s to an even better 2023!