94: Revenge of an Angry God

Today was a total eclipse of the sun (FYI: There is a total eclipse of the sun every single moment in time, depending upon your location…). Consequently, some religious group assumed this would be a good time for god to do its business. So, how are you? Did you survive? Did you get rapured or eye damage? Hope not. I discovered a very strange thing about the song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” this week. Join me as I uncover the supidity of tons of people. I’m still digesting the delicious food from my first Ramadan Iftar. You shoulda been there. Join me next year. See you soon, folks!

19: Worship Me!

Apocaleptic 19: Worship Me!

Hello friends! Welcome to episode 19 of Apocaleptic! We’re almost out of our teens and soon will be of legal drinking age and on the prowl! This week I’m considering the food dishes that it’s impossible to screw up. Also, I iaccidentally nvent a pretty great holiday beverage even though it’s long after the holidays. Why do we need holy men? Holy people? Don’t they just exist to make us feel bad about ourselves? Time for them to go away! It was fun making this show for you this week. Hope you enjoy it.