90: Breaking Down

breaking down

An unexpected vacation brings up some questions, causes me to encounter some brutal facts and leads me to ask a few hard questions of my own. It’s all fun though. Come join me and hang out for a few minutes.

84: Not Dead

Black Death

Back from holiday vacation! How is everyone? 2024 is okay so far. A few pains here and there but what do you expect with an old guy? So far this year I’m encountering pig dogs, “Diff’rent Strokes” conspiracies, fish and chips at Irish pubs and getting stabbed on New Year. Also, I have proof that we don’t really die. Anything else? ‘K, good. Here’s to a good podcast year!

12: Because I Could Not Stop For Death with Guest Maria Fernandez

Apocaleptic 12 Stop For Death

In this episode I bring in a special guest to discuss death. We try not to be too morbid about the whole thing, but Maria just went through the death of her mom and has some valuable experience and advice to share. Plus, she’s my wife and it was fun having her in the studio. Hopefully, no one else has to die before she comes back.

Apocaleptic is a solo podcast recorded in Atlanta and hosted by Rick Baldwin.
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