72: Psychic Dogs And Cats With Frogs

Psychic Dogs

Halloween is over but I’m being held hostage by my leftover candy! This is not good. Someone come rescue me! So, I’m pretty sure my dog knows my every move before I make them. Scary. Hey, I got in trouble this week by Facebook for posting a picture of a Facebook ad. How does that even make sense?? And yet… Well, I discuss a controversial topic on this episode. It’s about bodies and boobs and nakedness and stuff. Don’t get mad. We’re adults. Let’s talk about it, okay? I’ll see you again in a few days, friends.

60: I Know You Are But What Am I?

Happy Episode 60 everyone! Hope you have a good holiday. Me? I’m still trying to get my life and home organized. It sure is taking awhile. How are you with trust? Do you trust people easily? I feel like I can learn a lot about trust from my cat. Celebrities are dropping like, well, celebrity flies. We’ve lost several the past couple weeks. The world is not as safe and secure as we have told ourselves it is. Hang on. It’s a bumpy ride. See you next week.

58: Your Cheatin’ Heart


This week I’m doing battle with my cat, discovering new music and getting into a documentary about cheating. Are you a cheater in relationships? Have you cheated? I’ll let you know a story about the closest I’ve come to cheating. Was it cheating? I don’t think so. Let me know if I’m wrong. Hope to hear from you. Enjoy your weekend, friends!

5: Fur Babies

As we enter the holiday season, I have started reflecting on how I include my pets in the festivities. Food, gifts, tiny hats, is it really healthy? What do the experts say? Well buckle up and get a dose of reality and some health scolding with me from those who think they know everything. Not sure why they can’t just mind their own business.