68: I Want To Live Forever

I know. This episode is weird. Quirky. Kinda freaky. Hey, it’s the vaccines, okay? Maybe the anti-vac people are on to something after all. Anyway, on this show I discuss vaccines, good music, Cameo and trying to control fame. At least I think that’s what I discussed. I can’t remember. I’ll try again tomorrow. See you soon, friends.

67: Dancing In The Seats

talking heads stop making sense

Hey, I actually recorded a show without having to do it twice! Pushing the record button really works! Well, I’m preparing to decorate for autumn, how about you? Atlanta is going to be rather fall-like this week and I’m ready to make the best of it. I got to see “Stop Making Sense” this week and it’s still (maybe) the best concert film ever. Catch it on the big screen if you can. Don’t forget to enjoy your experiences when you have them, my friends. They are all we have in life. Once they are gone, you’re gone. Let’s talk again later this week.