92: This Too Shall Pass

A return visit from pain has slowed me down the past few days but at this point everything seems to be looking up. I have new understandings about the body and also about who I am. Okay, yeah, this show is a bit metaphysical. Maybe a little spiritual. Not in a bad way, though. I’m having a cold one on this St. Patrick’s Day, how about you? Erin go Bragh!

88: ¡Me Gusta!

Me Gusta

Today is a show about dinners with long lost friends, very late Christmas gifts to far away friends, chugging whisky and how I almost got thrown out of Mexico. Enjoy!

77: Digesting

The day after Thanksgiving and I’m still dealing with my gluttonous holiday activities, how about you? Not as bad as previous years but, crap, I still got work to do. This year for the holidays we get a feud between Hall and Oates, which of course we were all looking forward to. So, how about we just get into a discussion of weird religions? Why not? It’s something that can bring us all together this festive season. Hey, gang, hit me up if you need stickers. Hit me up if you need a chat. Just hit me up. See you next week.

70: Adulting Gone Wrong

70 Adulting Gone Wrong

Hi my friends, welcome to a middle-of-the-week show. Last week was a busy one. I did a lot of the things I discussed on the show. Said goodbye to a kitty, told some ghost stories, saw naked breasts on the streets of Atlanta. All the normal stuff. This week I’m into the fairy tales of holidays, social media bully posting and the ongoing failure of adults to be good adults. You know, all the normal stuff. Hope your life story is going well. Reach out and let me know. See y’all next week!

67: Dancing In The Seats

talking heads stop making sense

Hey, I actually recorded a show without having to do it twice! Pushing the record button really works! Well, I’m preparing to decorate for autumn, how about you? Atlanta is going to be rather fall-like this week and I’m ready to make the best of it. I got to see “Stop Making Sense” this week and it’s still (maybe) the best concert film ever. Catch it on the big screen if you can. Don’t forget to enjoy your experiences when you have them, my friends. They are all we have in life. Once they are gone, you’re gone. Let’s talk again later this week.