61: Beer

Yesterday, storms moved through the south and made it very difficult to record a podcast. So here we are today. Been awhile since I shared a beer with you so I hope you don’t mind if I crack one open today. I got to watch the Jason Isbell documentary Running With Our Eyes Closed last night. I really enjoyed it and it made me think about how challenging relationships can be. I’ve had some pretty stormy ones for sure. Like those storms of yesterday, moving in and throwing stuff around. Not fun. Okay, I’ll see you later this week. Let’s try to do a video.

11: Trashing Old Stuff

Aocaleptic 11 Trashing Old Stuff

Today I had a small panic attack about boxes of old stuff. We all have to confront our old stuff at some point and figure out if we’re going to trash it or keep it stored somewhere. I think it’s time for me to confront some bad habits I’ve developed. Can it be that real people are more valuable than protecting my own ego? Holy crap, how can that be true? I send out my first album reviews in this episode. Christmas albums by Amanda Shires and Billy Idol come under the examination spotlight. Hope your holidays are going well, my friends. Keep in touch!

Apocaleptic is a solo podcast recorded in Atlanta and hosted by Rick Baldwin.
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