37: Judd Nelson’s Stunt Double

(Photo by Michael Bezjian/Getty Images for Crosscreek Entertainment)

I had to practice last week’s topic this week and let go of a friendship. And, surprisingly, it wasn’t so bad. I’m not sure my wife knows how to make chili. I’m sure she thinks she knows how but she also thinks she made a good choice in a spouse. I have to figure out how to let her know. I’m noticing a resistance to aging in me and I’m trying to stop it. But when I realize it’s been almost 40 years since St. Elmo’s Fire, it kind of hurts. See you soon, my friends.

23: Forgive Me

I’m concerned about my neighbor. Haven’t seen her in awhile. Has she met with foul play? How would I know? Should I call the cops? Maybe it’s nothing and I’ll look like a meddler. I don’t know what the rules are. I heard someone talk about forgiveness and it caused me to think about it a bit. I’m wondering if we all understand forgiveness at all. Forgive me if you do. See you Monday.

12: Because I Could Not Stop For Death with Guest Maria Fernandez

Apocaleptic 12 Stop For Death

In this episode I bring in a special guest to discuss death. We try not to be too morbid about the whole thing, but Maria just went through the death of her mom and has some valuable experience and advice to share. Plus, she’s my wife and it was fun having her in the studio. Hopefully, no one else has to die before she comes back.

Apocaleptic is a solo podcast recorded in Atlanta and hosted by Rick Baldwin.
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