99: Your Mom’s Butt

Greetings Tooners! I’m back from my Minnesota vacation and all primed for a new show. This week I discuss fasting, traveling with dogs, having an Orange Julius at the Mall of America, and being stalked way too many times for an ugly dumb guy. How have you been? Are you getting your house all decorated in festive display for next week’s 100th Episode? I am! We’re putting up our tree tomorrow! Can’t wait. See you soon.

98: Manly, Yes, But I Like It Too

Hi friends! I’m heading out on vacation tomorrow. Taking our dogs but we’re leaving the cats behind. Hope they’re going to be okay. I’m a little anxious about it. Someone will be house sitting and checking on them but I’m still stressed about it. Got a lot of things packed up in my travel tote. It’s not a purse! I swear! At least I don’t think it is. Dudes are carrying purses now days. I guess it’s okay. Right? Oh man. I’ll let you know how it all goes. See you next week.

97: This Podcast Sucks

Hi folks! Welcome to episode 97 of the Outta Toon Podcast! We’ll soon be at our 100th show! This week I give an update on life events, look at some strange people and happenings around the world and discuss how we are all artists. I was told this week that the podcast sucks, which most of us already know, so I tried to make this one extra sucky. Let me know if it worked. See you next week, friends.