67: Dancing In The Seats

talking heads stop making sense

Hey, I actually recorded a show without having to do it twice! Pushing the record button really works! Well, I’m preparing to decorate for autumn, how about you? Atlanta is going to be rather fall-like this week and I’m ready to make the best of it. I got to see “Stop Making Sense” this week and it’s still (maybe) the best concert film ever. Catch it on the big screen if you can. Don’t forget to enjoy your experiences when you have them, my friends. They are all we have in life. Once they are gone, you’re gone. Let’s talk again later this week.

66: Let’s Do It Again

Only Murders In The Building

A last minute impromptu guest invite brings us the lovely Maria, a woman I spend most of my life with. Mostly because we got married but also because she’s pretty hot and smarter than me is. Unfortunately, I completely get everything off to a bad start by almost getting through the entire show and then realizing I forgot to push “Record.” Embarrassing. Anyway, it all turned out okay. We discuss “Only Murders In The Building,” the arrival of autumn, and the very first concert we ever went to. Probably worth a listen. Hope you like it.

65: The Gospel of Blasphemy

65: The Gospel of Blasphemy

Nice to be back, my friends. It was a little forced vacation as I dealt with the earth trying to shake me off of it. I’m not so sure it has ever really been comfortable with me. Hey, I recently read about the Aghori sect of Hinduism and it made me think about a philosophy I developed back in my 20s which I call “The Gospel of Blasphemy.” The Aghoris are very unorthodox and unusual. Quite blasphemous if you can’t handle the taboo. A bit creepy. A good group to reseach as we approach the season of haunts. I’ve also been obsessing over a pop-electronica band called Venus Hum. Maybe you know about them. They’ve been around for 25 years or so. I’m just now discovering them. Story of my life. See you later this week.