50: Falling Off The Gravy Train

Happy Memorial Week, friends! We’re halfway to the holiday season so hang on! I’m concerned about our pets. The way we treat them, the things we feed them, the hats we force them to wear. If you’re like me, you love your little (and huge) ones and want to give them the best to keep them happy and healthy. If you could make their lives better, wouldn’t you? That’s what I thought. Me too. Let’s talk again later this week, ‘kay?

49: Taurus With Lemon

I’ve gotten hooked on a new ID Show about sexual predators. I didn’t want to get into it but it turns out to be pretty interesting with some very good investigation. Plus it’s nice seeing those creeps put away for awhile. So, how do you limit yourself? Are you aware that you do it? I think we all limit ourselves to a certain extent but do you do it more consciously or unconsciously? Gonna try to stay conscious of my own limiting. Hey, let’s chat later this week.

48: Too Much Information

big fat noodles

Today I’m suffering from little sleep and an overdose of big fat noodles. Hey, not a bad place to be in. I’m restructuring much of my public social media sites for my business and personal use, including the ones for the podcast. Get ready! And speaking of getting ready, are you ready for the A.I. content wave we’re about to be slammed with? It’s gonna be a big one. Go have a big fat noodle and I’ll see you next week.

47: Dead, Not Dead

Just got back from a physical. Getting probed and prodded can make a man feel tired, y’know? When you experience depression have you noticed if the cause seems to be a particular even or is it more of just being overcome by chemical embalance? I’m curious. Let me know. I was thinking about death this week and had an interesting idea about it. Is it possible we dont die when we die? Let me explain…  See you soon, my friends.

46: Help


Welcome friends! Grab a cup of coffee and take a seat. How do you like your coffee? What coffee do you enjoy? Lots to choose from. Not as bad as ice cream though. They’re inventing flavors I’m not sure anyone needs. I’m not so sure I’m a good helper, my friends. I don’t like to think this is true but I do think I help in my own way. But maybe it isn’t that helpful. Something to work on. Enjoy the show. Drop me a line and let me know what you think of it.