43: Birthdays and Blow Things

It’s my birthday episode! Ready to have a good time? Hang on! I reminisce a bit about my first drinking and sex experiences. Oh, why not? I had a strange dream last night that either means I’m gay or I need to start sleeping in a motel. Speaking of sexual experiences what about the strange sex incidents in the Bible? Let’s discuss. Thanks for hanging out with me folks. This is a strange one but it’s my birthday so lay off!

42: Cover Your Head, Play Dead

Apocaleptic 42 Bear

It’s still National Poetry Month and I read a couple of submissions from a listener. Ever been waist deep down a hippo’s throat? One guy recently found himself in that situation. So as a public service, I give you tips on what to do if you encounter several different species of wild animals. Maybe one day it will save your life. You’re welcome. Contact me. See ya next time…

41: When Life Gives You Lemon Water

41 Lemon Water

Greetings everyone! Still here. Still surviving. How about you? This week I notice some of my tastes have changed. I must get to the bottom of it. It’s National Poetry Month so I read one of my own poems called “Knoxville, Summer 1985.” Feel free to submit one of yours and I’ll be happy to read it on the podcast. I’ve been recently trying to figure out what parts of “me” are real and what parts are illusion. The truth is, it’s mostly illusion. probably the same with you too. See you next time, friends!

40: How I Joined A Cult

40 Cult

It was the mid 80s and everyone seemed to be joining cults. I might as well jump in too, right?? Here’s the story of how I almost joined a religious cult and how I escaped in the dark of night. After dinner. Before the head lice. Not sure anyone really cared. Also, Living Color is the band I had a brain-coma on. You’re welcome. Have a good week, friends!