17: Getting Lucky

Apocaleptic 17 Getting Lucky

Happy 2023 everyone! I decided to release Monday’s show a couple days early. After all, there is valuable information here that can keep you lucky all year! Stay safe and well out there!

16: My Date With 2022

Apocaleptic 16 My Date

Goodbye 2022, ya bastard. For me, the year was full of loss but, strangely, I came out totally fine. I’m doing good how about you? I said goodbye to some friends, family members and company activities. I ate some good food and watched some great documentaries. I grew spiritually. I made some jokes about poop. Never let them typecast you!  I found a couple new favorites this year like the music of Adeem The Artist and the spiritual works of Clare Dimond. Flogging Molly‘s new album restored my faith in legacy bands. Thanks to everyone who came on the Apocaleptic journey with me this year. Here’s to an even better 2023!

15: I’d Like to Thank the Little People

Apocaleptic 15 Little People

The holidays are mostly done! Have you enjoyed them? I often wonder what it’s like for people who have no religious connection to any of the holidays being forced to encounter them. Also, why is it all of the big movie bosses seem to have little people as their labor force? Santa, Willy Wonka, Keebler Cookies? Where is the logic? I’m not making resolutions this year but I do have a couple of goals. One in particular which I think is very restricting. Maybe you’ll make it a goal too. Thanks for listening everyone!

14: Lubricating the Pole

Apocaleptic 14 Lubricating the Pole

This is the last show before Christmas. Is it our Christmas episode?? Nah, I don’t think there is a proper Christmas episode this year. Nonetheless, I discuss Santa Claus and becoming an unbeliever. Also, you probably don’t know everything you really need to know about the North Pole. So, in honor of the big fat man, here are some facts for you. Geez, I really shouldn’t talk about myself that way, should I? Merry Holidays everyone!

13: In Your Face, Kringle!

Apocaleptic 13 In Your Face, Kringle

Happy Christmas and Hanukkah week, everyone! Today I demonstrate the difference in “knowing something” and “learning something.” I learned a lesson in a Christmas carol that I’m not really fond of but it taught me something pretty valuable. Hope you’re feeling well this season. Hope you’re doing well. As always reach out and say “Hi” if you feel the need! Enjoy!

Apocaleptic is a solo podcast recorded in Atlanta and hosted by Rick Baldwin.
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